Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the use of 3rd party partners to promote your business on your behalf, using their own sites, marketing channels and promotional material without being given a set payout, being paid instead on performance either for sales or leads. Mozetta Digital Marketing has extensive experience in the field of affiliate marketing, with contacts at many of the largest networks and with some of the top performing affiliates in the industry.

This unique marketing channel, if properly utilized with the right types of businesses, can provide you with a massive and exceptionally profitable source of customers, often with substantially less work on your part.

Utilizing our extensive resources, knowledge and contacts, we can help set your company up with its own affiliate program, whether it be in house or managed by a 3rd party. In additional, we can help you optimize your program so that it has the best chance of success, as well as assist you with recruiting partner websites and marketers who are the best fit to drive sales for your product. For companies that already have an affiliate program, but have not found the results to be what you had expected, we can improve your program and within no time have it more successful than your wildest dreams.

If you are interested in establishing a new affiliate program, or are interested in our outsourced affiliate management services, please contact us.

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