Case Studies


Ultrasonic Pest Repeller ( is a reseller of consumer pest control products that enlisted the services of Mozetta Digital Marketing in August 2011.


Low rankings and high bounce rate, coupled with low conversion

UltrasonicPestRepeller had the problem of lacking the links needed to rank for the competitive keywords it was attempting to rank for, despite being over two years old. Furthermore, once work was started, it was discovered that the site was also struggling with an excessively high bounce rate and low time on site, which was directly influencing a low sale conversion rate.


Link Building

Link building is the single most important factor for ranking well for competitive keywords. Having a proper structure of high quality relevant links is essential to getting high traffic volumes from Google. Mozetta provided UltrasonicPestRepeller with a range of proven link building strategies spread over a handful of carefully selected high traffic keywords.

Landing Page and Conversion Optimization

A website operates as a sales funnel, taking interested potential customers, educating them, guiding them through an interaction and finally converting them into a sale.¬†With our wealth of experience, we suggested, tested and implemented changes to UltrasonicPestRepeller’s landing pages. We used a wide range of tools in doing this, including heat mapping,¬† and multivariate split testing.



In just 6 weeks, the link building was able to increase traffic by over 500%.

The landing page and conversion optimization also played a vital role. Over the same time period, we were able to increase their average visitor time on site amount by 46%, as well as lower the website’s bounce rate by 8%. All told, this led to the most important statistic of all: at 400% sales increase!