How to Promote your Business Page on Facebook

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Facebook is one of the many social networking platforms exploited by its members. While it provides a great community in which people can share ideas, photos etc. and express their opinions candidly, businesses have found a more ‘profitable’ use for this social media platform. Businesses are now streaming to social media networks to build their brand awareness, develop a community in which people can share their ideas, provide an avenue for customers to give feedback about their brand and drive sales. These are all legit reasons for a business to promote its products and services on Facebook and entrepreneurs are tapping into it.

Likely, this post appealed to you because you’re already marketing your business on Facebook and probably stink at it, or you’re in the process of setting up a Facebook page (maybe you have) and is trying to ascertain useful tips that can help in promoting your business online. Wherever you are in the stream of promoting your business on Facebook, there’s an effective way to do so. Since many public figures and commercial entities have threaded where you’re now threading, how can you make it as ‘big’ as they have? Here’s how you can promote your business page on Facebook.

  1. Positioning your Facebook page
  2. As with any product or service, they strive through recommendations or ‘word of mouth’. If your product is that good and people know about it, they’ll definitely buy it. Diametrically opposed, if you don’t make good products and your service is lousy, people will not use your business, let along give your product a second glance. In a similar manner, Facebook provides the same effect. Facebook is able to boost the word of mouth process and enhance your brand name. For readers to give your business page a second glance, you have to position your page in such a way that your readers will have something remarkable to look forward to. Is it that you do something well or better than your competitors? Do you have a unique product that is not found elsewhere? Could it be a case where you make the best tongue twisting pizza? If you position yourself as an expert, the word will get around.

  3. Producing stories for your Facebook Wall
  4. The heart of your business page lies on your Facebook wall. This is the community your fans will use to interact with your business by way of comments, likes, shares and even frequent conversations. Since notifications are shown in your followers’ news feed whenever they interact with your wall, their friends will be made aware of their activities and might be induced to follow you. Facebook’s news feed is one of the many tools that make the platform such a powerhouse. Since it can assist marketers to reach a wider audience, it should be capitalized on. In order to maintain your business wall and fully maximize its potential, you can use simple Facebook features such as:

    • Creating content
    • Content is crucial for the survival of any business page. Without content, regular content, the walls of your business page would tumble down. Whether the content is ‘new’ or ‘old’, it must be applicable and enthralling. This is what will keep readers coming back and not a blank wall. It’s best to do research to see what others are talking about and feature that on your wall since readers are always interested in current affairs. Striking up a conversation by posting something that you’re opposed to is also a good way to get your readers engaged. You can also provide new content onsite by providing notes. Whenever you create new blogs, these are normally shown alongside your notes since Facebook automates this process, provided that both accounts are linked.

    • Adding Videos and Photos
    • If you have a YouTube channel from which you market your business, adding them to your business page is a good idea. Adding videos and photos to your Facebook page is not rocket science. It’s very simple and can be done in two ways. You can use the upload video option which is openly positioned on your Facebook Wall. This means that you have to look around to find it. There’s also the option to record a video. Many people find that uploading a video is easy and so that option is mostly used. Photos are uploaded similar to videos. These are done singly or in an album. You can tag photos to people so that they have direct access to it.

    • Event hosting
    • While Facebook has strict rules with regards to how the platform is used, they still allow you to host events. These events are used to bring your audience in one location. This tool is very useful since you’re able to alert your readers about important and upcoming events, instead of spamming their inbox.

    • Attracting intriguing conversations
    • When you start discussions on your business page or on others, you’re actually getting people to engage. When you create short and spicy but provocative titles, your readers are more inclined to comment on your post. Monitor your conversations to ensure that your readers are not talking to thin air. NB||Respond to all comments if possible. The more you engage with your readers, they more inclined they are to take the initiative in starting conversations on your posts.

  5. Sharing your Page
  6. A page’s share button is located to the bottom left column. By sharing your page, you’re making an attempt for others, who’ve not yet liked your page to notice your presence. You can also invite your friends to like your page and send emails of invites to those friends that are not users of Facebook.
    While there are other aspects to marketing on Facebook, including ads and paying for Facebook to promote your business, these are just some of the basic, free and effective methods that you can use to market on Facebook.

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