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Looking to drive more visitors to your website? Not ranking #1 for Google for the phrases your customers are search and not sure why? Then you’ve come to the right place. Mozetta Digital Marketing and search engine optimization experts with over 10 years of experience successfully ranking websites so some of the highest traffic and most competitive keywords there are. We offer a wide variety of SEO services, our most popular of which are listed below. For specific requirements are larger projects, please Contact Us for a free quote.

SEO Audit


Comprehensive Sitewide SEO Review

Analyzes All Onsite Elements

Over 100 Unique Ranking Factors Checked

Full Detailed Report

Excel Project Management Plan

No Keyword Research

Perfect for Small Businesses

Advanced Audit


Comprehensive Sitewide SEO Review

Analyzes All Onsite Elements

Over 100 Ranking Factors Checked

Full Detailed Report

Excel Project Management Plan

FULL Keyword Research

Locates The BEST Target Keywords

Other Services


Onsite Optimization Edits

SEO Friendly Design

Link Building

Press Releases

Social Media Marketing

Billed Hourly, Monthly, or by Project

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Please Note: Unlike many of our competitors we always stay up to date on the latest changes in Google’s algorithm as well as compliance requirements. All the SEO work we perform and recommend is designed specifically to work for the long term and be immune to Panda, Penguin and any other future algorithm updates.

Search engine optimization is the single most cost effective and long lasting online marketing strategy for any small business. Not only is the return on investment generally very high when properly executed, but given the general lack of competition in local search, the results can be maintained for years with little to no maintenance work.

At Mozetta Digital Marketing, we have a comprehensive SEO toolkit to help you dominate the terms relevant for your product.

Part of our SEO process involves your website itself. This includes optimizing the content itself for certain keywords. More importantly, it involves identifying and correcting many common mistakes that businesses and design companies make without ever realizing. We utilize everything from basic keyword density checks and SEO friendly naming conventions, to advanced tactics such as pagerank sculpting and canonicalization. This area of our SEO service is best demonstrated by getting one of our FREE SEO Audits, which focuses primarily with on page factors.

Our services include keyword research, where we analyze thousands of keywords in your industry and hand select the ones that will provide the best bang for your buck. We utilize this research in helping to improve your site itself, making the entire project more comprehensive. Also, unlike many other agencies, we don’t just go after low volume terms, we have the tools and confidence to dominate high volume search phrases and bring massive volumes of traffic to your site.

This leads to link building, which is where the advantages of our internal web property network separate us from the competition. Getting links from third party websites is the single most important factor to ranking in search engines, and we have some of the most advanced, safe, and cost effective sources around. You can read more about our approach to Link Building here.

As SEO experts with years of experience ranking sites in countless industries rank for even the most competitive keywords, your business is in good hands with Mozetta.

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